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Dario - 50 Test Strips
Dario 50 test strips

Dario - 50 Test Strips

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Dario glucose test strips feature an easy to open flip top cartridge to make test strips easily portable and keep them  fresh for a longer period of time.  Each box contains 50 test strips that are compatible with the Dario glucose meter.

Dario test strips are the only strips intended for use with the revolutionary Dario meter, which is a pocket-size device that automatically keeps track of your entire diabetes history and enables on-demand sharing, among other features.


  • Triple sense technology provides proven accuracy and confidence in results.
  • Small Sample Size Needed
  • Rapid Test Time
  • Strips Integrated into the Meter
  • Quick and Accurate Results
  • For Testing Glucose Levels Both at Home and on-the-go
  • Easy to Handle