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Contour - 100 Test Strips
Contour 100 Test Strips
bayer contour diabetic test strips
contour 50 test strips

Contour - 100 Test Strips

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The Bayer Contour glucose test strips allow you to test your sugar level without the hassle of coding. Compatible with the Contour, Contour USB and Didget blood glucose meters. 100 total test strips per order (may arrive in one box of 100 or two boxes of 50 each, always in-date and factory-sealed).

The bottle is small enough that you can fit it in your jacket pocket or purse to have it on hand whenever you need to test your sugar levels.

The window of the Bayer Contour makes it easy to see when the strip fills with blood using Sip-in Sampling technology.

Fresh After Opening:
Patented bottle design with built-in desiccant keeps test strips fresh up to 6 months after opening.